Internet Users Want Digital Privacy But Their Online Behaviors Show Otherwise; Trend Micro Launches Software to Reduce Vulnerabilities
September 16, 2014
Trend Micro Security 2015 supports multiple devices across all platforms to improve consumer security and privacy

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE: 4704), a global developer of security software, has released the most comprehensive security solution available that offers protection from cyber threats for PC, Mac, Android and now iOS platforms. Trend Micro™ Security 2015 is an all-in-one consumer solution that helps resolve both security and privacy issues that continue to plague Internet users.

A recent study* commissioned by Trend Micro revealed that Internet users participate in a variety of potentially risky behaviors, browsing suspect websites and allowing apps to access public information from their social media profiles. For example, 67 percent of the consumers let their browser(s) save their password when they are on the Internet. As mobile device accounts are becoming more commonly shared with home computer networks, Trend Micro developed a comprehensive security solution that provides protection for users no matter which device is being used at any given time.

"Trend Micro Security 2015 provides protection against threats and privacy concerns regardless of the device or operating system," said Akihiko Omikawa, general manager of global consumer business at Trend Micro. "The solution protects users' personal information from being compromised by cyber criminals while maintaining privacy and protection of online activity. A simple step to protecting our digital lives begins with being mindful of the hazards to privacy and personal data the Internet presents. Each of us is a potential target for cyber criminals, but Trend Micro Security 2015 protects individuals anytime, anywhere, on any device, acting as a great deterrent."

Solutions like Trend Micro Security 2015 are more necessary than ever, as verified by the results of the survey revealing that risky behavior by Internet users was generating new attack opportunities for cyber criminals. Survey findings included:

  • 40 percent of mobile users do not use a password to protect their devices
  • 28 percent of respondents allow mobile apps to access their social media profiles
  • 10 percent of mobile users believe they have downloaded a malicious app to their device

Trend Micro Security 2015 helps protect Internet users from potentially harmful activities online. The solution provides industry-leading anti-virus and Web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging. It also detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information.

Additionally, Trend Micro learned that more than two-thirds of Internet users let their browser save their password online, a dangerous practice susceptible to being hacked, especially in the wake of recent retail data breaches. To help fight password and identity theft, Trend Micro Security 2015 includes a password manager which encrypts all online passwords, enabling customers to easily log into websites without the fear of password theft.

The password manager also works across multiple devices and provides a password generator to stop the common, but unsafe practice of using the same password for multiple accounts.

In an effort to provide online privacy and security of Internet users, Trend Micro Security 2015 has expanded its social network Privacy Scanner to scan LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Users can now rely on Trend Micro's technology to help maintain privacy, security and positive online reputations. Trend Micro's recent survey found Internet users continue to participate in online behaviors that increase their risk of identity theft or damaging their reputation. Here's a summary of some of those findings:

  • 74 percent of Internet users indicated they are concerned about sharing personal data via social media
  • 60 percent of social network users removed a post from social media for fear of consequences in their personal life
  • 40 percent said they share the results of their playing on social networks
  • 11 percent were "friends" with their boss on a social network

"Managing privacy and security in this connected world is something that is often overlooked as we walk through life with our smartphones and laptops. To ease the concerns of Internet users regarding privacy and oversharing, Trend Micro Security 2015 enables users to maintain online privacy from strangers and cyber criminals while protecting their data," said Omikawa.

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*Online poll questions were conducted by Cint USA during August 13th – 19th, 2014. A total of 2,028 consumers who own computer(s) or/and mobile device(s) completed the poll questions. Sample is representative of the US Census on age, gender and region.