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    Dec 1, 2023

    Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has launched their new generative AI tool, Trend Companion, designed for SOC analysts and CISO. Trend Companion is designed to reduce analyst time spent on manual risk assessments and threat investigations by driving streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity. Antoine Saikaley, Technical Director [Canada] at Trend Micro sat down with eChannel to provide more details about exactly how Trend Companion works.

  • Canadian HR Reporter
    Nov 29, 2023

    Trend Micro previously reported that, in the first half of 2023, it blocked more than 85.6 billion cybersecurity threats globally, consisting of email threats, malicious files and malicious URLs. That marked a 27 per cent year-over-year increase, according to the report.

  • eChannel News
    Nov 27, 2023

    Trend Micro announced its latest evolution in generative AI: the integration of its leading global threat intelligence and millions of diverse sensor types to enhance outcomes for its flagship Trend Vision One cybersecurity platform. In 2022, Trend handled over six trillion threat queries from customers across 65+ countries. Using AI trained on this data, Trend blocked more than 146 billion threats, three billion of which were ransomware.

  • What's Your Tech
    Oct 25, 2023

    Trend Micro released its ransomware report for 1H which found that Canada is the top 3rd country affected by successful RaaS and extortion attacks in the first and second quarters of 2023, just behind U.S. and the U.K Greg Young sat down with WhatsYourTech to detail how this affects small businesses while highlighting measures that can be taken to safeguard against these threats.

  • Human Resources Director
    Oct 25, 2023

    Cybercriminals upped their activity in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year, and one thing that’s fuelling the increase in cyber attacks is companies’ adoption of AI, according to a previous Trend Micro report.