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    Jul 15, 2020

    Turf wars are heating up over the routers that fuel distributed denial of service attacks—and cybermercenaries are running rampant.

    On Wednesday, the cybersecurity firm Trend Micro is releasing findings about escalating global turf wars between attacker groups vying to seize control of vulnerable routers and other devices. Their aim: to power botnets that can direct a firehose of malign traffic or requests for DDoS attacks. Such territory disputes are a hallmark of botnets, but attackers seem increasingly motivated grow their zombie armies not for their own purposes, but in service of more professionalized—and profitable—"DDoS for hire" schemes.

  • Dark Reading
    Dark Reading
    Jul 13, 2020

    Marco Balduzzi, senior research scientist with Trend Micro, next month at the Black Hat USA virtual event will disclose details of multiple vulnerabilities he and his team discovered in a sampling study of five popular ICS gateway products. Their findings focused not on the gateways' software nor the industrial protocols as in previous research, but rather on a lesser-studied function: the protocol translation process the devices conduct.

  • Security Magazine
    Security Magazine
    Jul 2, 2020

    A new Trend Micro study reveals how remote workers address cybersecurity -- 72% say they are more conscious of their organization’s cybersecurity policies since lockdown began, but many are breaking the rules anyway due to limited understanding or resource constraints.

  • StateScoop
    Jun 29, 2020

    A new wave of data breaches in eight U.S. city governments is the work of online scammers using malicious code against the troubled online payments platform Click2Gov, according to research published by TrendMicro.

  • Channel Futures
    Jun 25, 2020

    Trend Micro is adding functionality to its Cloud One platform that will boost managed security service providers’ practices. The vendor made the announcements on Thursday during its first-ever live virtual event. Like other companies, Trend Micro has opted to host customer and partner gatherings over the web until the COVID-19 pandemic passes. As such, Trend Micro shared news that its MSSPs are sure to embrace.