Trend Micro Mobile Security Innovates with the Industry's First Capability to Block Mobile Malware
September 16, 2014
Ability to scan and block malicious apps prior to installation on device provides users with superior security

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE: 4704), a global developer of cyber security software, today announced the availability of the latest versions of its consumer mobile security solution, Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android and iOS. Trend Micro Mobile Security is the first mobile security app capable of blocking malicious Android apps before they are installed, preventing mobile devices from being infected with potentially damaging malware. Mobile Security for Android also includes new features that help extend battery life and optimize memory, helping users derive even more enjoyment from their mobile devices.

With more than 1.3 million mobile apps available for download from Google Play and millions of pieces of malware targeting the Android network, users are at an increased risk of downloading unsafe and malicious apps to their Android devices or being attacked by an infected file. With Mobile Security for Android, Trend Micro is the first and only security vendor to scan apps downloaded before they are installed on the device.

"All other security apps only detect malware after the malicious app has been downloaded and installed from Google Play, giving malicious apps the opportunity to cause damage or compromise the users' personal information," said Trend Micro's head of consumer mobile business, Khoi Nguyen. "As the first security app in the industry to block malicious apps from being downloaded and installed in the first place, data of Trend Micro Mobile Security users will be more secure. When you combine this unique security capability with the new system tuner we've included in this latest version, you really can't find a better security and productivity app than Trend Micro Mobile Security."

Trend Micro has added a host of new features to Mobile Security for Android designed to help users boost battery life and memory on their Android devices in addition to further protecting their privacy:

  • Battery Status and Optimizer – maximizes the battery by killing non-essential background processes; also shows how much time is left and how much time is needed to fully charge the battery
  • Smart Power Saver – intelligently manages and disables the network connection when it is not in use to maximize the battery life
  • Just-a-Phone – turns off power draining features not required for phone and text message use, including 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and running apps to maximize battery life and keep users connected as long as possible
  • Memory Status and Optimizer – helps users free up memory and CPU by killing non-essential processes; shows the amount of free memory and the percentage left
  • History Cleaner – deletes history files to protect users' privacy; also shows the total number of history records for each app, allowing users to select those they would like to delete and then with a single tap, removes the selected files. This feature is especially useful for shared tablets.

These new features complement the existing comprehensive feature set in Trend Micro Mobile Security that includes:

  • Antivirus – award-winning and market-leading antivirus powered by Trend Micro's innovative Mobile App Reputation cloud service
  • Privacy Scanner – identifies apps that steal or access private information on your device, such as your location, address book and device ID
  • Safe Surfing – blocks dangerous and inappropriate web sites, including fake bank web sites
  • Lost Device Protection – find, lock, erase a missing device
  • Backup and Restore – backup and safeguard your contacts, calendar, text messages and phone call history in the cloud, and easily restore the data to a new Android or iOS device
  • Privacy Scanner for Facebook – checks for Facebook privacy settings that expose too much information publicly
  • Call and Text Blocking – block unwanted calls and texts

For the iOS version of Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, a new Data Usage monitor is included to help users manage their data usage and costs. Many cellular data plans in the world have high fees for exceeding data usage limits or for (international) roaming usage. Trend Micro Mobile Security's Data Usage Monitor will notify users when they are at risk of exceeding any limits so they can curtail their usage and avoid costly fees. In addition, it provides daily and monthly usage charts to track usage patterns relative to their plan's data limit across three different categories: cellular/3G/4G usage, Wi-Fi usage, and cellular roaming usage. This new feature for Mobile Security for iOS extends the existing full feature set that includes SafeSurfing to protect against dangerous web sites, Lost Device Protection to locate a missing device, Privacy Scanner for Facebook, Security for antivirus and jailbreak detection, and Backup & Restore of the address book.

Mobile Security for Android is already a top-ranking app in Google Play with tens of million users worldwide. The May 2014 AV-Test report showed that this Trend Micro app earned the top spot in malware detection among all mobile apps. Trend Micro Mobile Security is also certified by PC Computer Labs (PCSL) and AV-Comparatives.

Special Promotion for a Limited Time

For a limited time, Trend Micro has two promotions available for Mobile Security for Android and iOS products, including $10 off the purchase price of the premium version of Mobile Security for the first month (Sept 16- Oct. 16, 2014). The second promotion is an extended trial time from 30 days to 60 days for the premium version.

Mobile Security for Android and iOS are part of the Trend Micro Security 2015 multi-level and multi-device protection. Go to Google Play store to download:

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