Trend Micro Deconstructs Top Cyberthreats at BlackHat 2023
July 26, 2023

Bringing threat insight to life in red teaming challenge and incident response

DALLAS, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704)  announced today reinforced its commitment to educating the industry on emerging attack techniques and modern strategies, through experiential threat insights being shared at Black Hat USA 2023, August 7th – 11th. Attendees can visit Trend Micro at booth #932 to test their skills in an interactive cybersecurity challenge, see how threat intelligence fuels Trend Micro's platform and attend sessions with Trend Micro's industry experts.

"Events like BlackHat offer a fantastic opportunity for us to bring our research to life," said Eric Skinner, VP of Market Strategy at Trend. "We're looking to educate the industry not just on threats but also on the latest tools needed to mitigate them. Our threat intelligence is unmatched in the industry and allows us to develop prolific research alongside programs like the Zero Day Initiative that help us make the digital world more secure. We're looking forward to sharing our latest discoveries and continuing to push the industry forward."

With the world's most geographically diverse customer base and research team, Trend has been at the cutting edge of threat research for over three decades and brings this experience to BlackHat 2023 with a full schedule of activities. Going beyond delivering value to customers, Trend aims to improve knowledge and skills across the industry by bringing research to life through experiential learning opportunities.

At the top of the bill is an interactive Capture the Flag challenge, "Hack a Hospital," in which participants can play the role of a Red Teamer to help the fictitious St. Isidore Memorial hospital test its cybersecurity posture – and win prizes in the process. The event's kill chain follows the common Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) of the most active ransomware groups of 2023, including Blackbasta, CLOP, Lockbit, and Royal. At the end of the exercise, professional incident response engineers will deliver a threat hunting walkthrough of the kill chain that players executed to demonstrate how attacks can be detected and stopped at an early stage.

Trend experts will also take to the BlackHat 2023 stage to deconstruct a real-world attack that the Trend incident response team engaged in earlier this year where emerging attack techniques evaded traditional defenses and caused substantial damage. The clock will then rewind to walk through an alternative replay showcasing how integrating XDR and Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) tools can detect and disrupt even sophisticated threat actors early on. Trend researchers will also reveal new zero-days across various environments, from Apple OTA updates to Azure machine learning services.

As emerging technologies like generative AI undergo widespread adoption, the role of such researchers will become increasingly important to mitigating cyber risk.

Trend Micro's full schedule of BlackHat and DefCon 2023 sessions includes:

  1. [August 10th | 11:30am | Jasmine AE, Level 3] – Uncovering Azure's Silent Threats: A Journey into Cloud Vulnerabilities
  2. [August 10th |1:50pm | Mandalay Bay I] – Double Vision: Analyzing a Recent Incident Response Case from Two Perspectives
  3. [August 9th & 10th | 10am12:30pm & 2:30 – 5:00pm | Reef C Ballroom] – Cybersecurity Capture the Flag Challenge: Hack a Hospital
  4. [August 10th | 12:30 pm] – New Isn't Always Novel: Grep'ing Your Way to $20K at Pwn2Own, and How You Can Too
  5. [August 11th | 11am] – The Nightmare of Apple's OTA Update: Bypassing the Signature Verification and Pwning the Kernel

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